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Karting NSW is proud to launch its
#TOGETHERWERACE Initiative 2021. 

The #TOGETHERWERACE Initiative brings together Karting NSW's 'Race Like a Girl' initiative with it's other organisational aspirations of driving diversity, inclusion and cultural change throughout the sport of karting.

Our new
#TOGETHERWERACE Initiative celebrates all diversity, promotes inclusion and makes karters feel like they belong. This is not about excluding people - its about actively 'including' them. 

The Australian Sports Commission has released data that shows '
people are making decisions on which sport or club they join, based on those who celebrate diversity and promote inclusion, have safe practices and display integrity in all of their actions and decisions.'  

Under the #TOGETHERWERACE Initiative Karting NSW looks forward to continuing to provide opportunities  for women and girls to participate in a sport they haven't traditionally participated in, supported by the NSW Government's Her Sport Her Way program. However, diversity in sport  isn't just about gender. It is a term that is evolving and encompasses all aspects of the human experience, including geography, income, gender, age, race, culture, skills and life experience.


Chair of Karting NSW, Ilona Meyer says that 'recent events have reinforced the need to support our local karting communities and to take action to make our sport better, together'. The launch of  #TOGETHERWERACE encompasses at the core, Karting NSW's Vision for the sport and to have for "More People Karting More Often".  


Director of Administration, Ben Aylen wishes to "thank the karting community for putting forward their nominations for this year's KNSW Ambassadors for 2021/22. As with all things karting, the competition was fierce and hotly contested". 

As part of the #TOGETHERWERACE Initiative, Karting NSW is proud to announce the KNSW Ambassadors for 2021/22 are IMOGEN RADBURN and LUKE ANGILLEY. 

Please see further details about your Ambassadors for 2021/22 below,
 who will not only represent all things Karting NSW on and off the track,  but will also be involved each month directly with the Board of KNSW, providing an 'Update from the Track', ideas and thoughts to improve the sport from and for our next generation of karters. 

We wish to congratulate both Imogen and Luke on their appointments and look forward to sharing further their further insights in months to come.






Imogen has  been involved in Karting for the past 2 years and in such a short time, has already made strong connections with young karters, their parents and others in the karting community. She has a very bubbly personality and communicates extremely well with both adults and children. Imogen has had an extremely successful 2020 racing year with KNSW and has won the state titles for NSW and ACT.

Imogen is currently completing Year 10 at Bomaderry High School on the South Coast of NSW. During her time there, Imogen has been chosen as a mentor to the upcoming Year 7 students.


Imogen loves spending time with the younger karting community and encouraging and supporting their goals. She loves sharing their excitement when they succeed and offers a 'shoulder' or and 'ear' when things do not go the way they had planned. She is often seen giving them  words of encouragement to come back even stronger in the next race.  


Imogen says "I’m thrilled to say that I’ve learned from so many trained professionals in my field, but I know that I still have so much to learn from others in the industry. I’m a hard worker, a team player and excited to see what projects could benefit from my unique skill set. I can't wait to get started on how I can help other karters in NSW  in the future".



Luke has been involved in speedway for a number of years, having won 2 x NSW State Speedway Titles and 1 Australian title. Luke has recently come across to sprint karting and has been enjoying racing with KNSW.

Luke is currently in Year 8 at Camden High School. He was School Ambassador for Mount Hunter Public School in 2019.

Besides all motorsports, Luke is interested in engineering, building cars, new technology, designing and printing 3D Objects. Luke also has a keen interest in future proofing the sport with a keen interest in electric karts and car engines.

Luke is passionate about making karting accessible and affordable. He believes if more people had access to karting, they would catch the bug and be in for life.

Luke is a very friendly and approachable person, willing to held out others in any situation. He is extremely respectful and gets along with all peers and competitors in any sport in which he competes.

Luke is currently a member at Port Macquarie Kart Club



“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. Sport can awaken hope where there was previously only despair. Sport speaks to people in a language they can understand.” 


Nelson Mandela

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